f a b e

fabe is an experimental dance company, founded in 2017 by Mallory Fabian with executive direction by Darby Kelley. fabe loves collaborating with musicians, scenic/lighting/costume designers, and visual artists. Fabe has “recently made an impression on the Los Angeles dance scene” -LA Dance Chronicle.


fabe creates movement based on genuine human interactions, whether from past, or in the moment experiences and has been described as “impressive, provocative and, at times, perplexing..” -LA dance chronicle. Audiences witness dancers push beyond their physical boundaries in a non-conventional narrative structure. 


fabe has since made a few different works, Don’t Inhale it, Strictly Mouth., unknow., madam fatale., Languidly White, & Thanks for Asking (co-choreographed with Darby Kelley). fabe has presented work at REDCAT, Highways Performance Space, The Bootleg Theater, The Rose Center Theatre, Civic Center Studios, Electric Lodge, Mimoda, Lula Washington, Brockus Studios, and Diavolo. fabe is working towards a new evening length piece to premiere in 2019, Drugs Can’t Buy.


fabe exists in live performance, immersive work, improvisations, dance films, and more. 

fabe is fiscally sponsored by Rosanna Gamson/World Wide.