Don't Inhale it, Strictly Mouth. 

Don't Inhale it, Strictly Mouthis an evening length piece about not taking life too seriously. Many serious moments interrupted by ridiculous glimpses of everyday life. This piece calls for in the moment decisions, making it a new performance every time it is performed. Audience is close and personal and may sometimes get picked on, get told stories, get drawn on... anything is possible. It all depends on how the dancers are feeling that day. 


DISM was workshopped in the Terra Nova Choreographic Residency 2017  hosted by DRC and Rosanna Gamson/World Wide.


amy chihara | simon greenberg | angelica olivares | sarah polednak |

shane raiford | mecca romero | brance souza


nosebleed - body boys | tonight - sibylle baier | yesterday today - simon greenberg | release - simon greenberg |

yunnan - body boys | any way - fellow fellow | your heart is so loud - colleen | first time - body boys | the candles - simon greenberg

Lighting Design

darius gangei


david west | tom e kelley | darby kelley