Premiered at Highways Performance Space, Unknow is Mallory Fabian’s second evening length work with fabe Dance. It is a new dance work that challenges how humans see and treat each other. Our race, sexual orientation, and gender identity have all become defining factors for how people tell their stories.

When a mask is on it’s easier to be yourself. We read microexpressions and have judgements on each other based on what we look like. Unknow tests the viewer's ability to get to know or unknow the people in front of them.

Artistic Director: Mallory Fabian

Executive Director: Darby Kelley

Lighting Design: Darius Gangei

Set Design & Prop Maker: Tom E Kelley

Composers: City of Orchestras and Body Boys

Videographer: Heather Rebecca

Performers: Paige Amicon, Christopher Carvalho, Sara Hartless, Darby Kelley,

Angelica Olivares, Cody Brunelle-Potter, Carissa Songhorian, and Taylor Unwin.